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The Premire Entertainment center in Oklahoma City
Concerts, Haunted Attraction, Escape Rooms, and more.

Come spend a little time away from the daily grind, and have a superb meal and a few drinks then get lost in our immersive Escape Rooms. Or enjoy some live music and then get your scare on in OKC's Best indoor haunted attraction (Seasonal, check the calendar!!)

Ruins Bar & Grille


8:00 am - 10:00 pm



8:00 am - 11:00 pm

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The Sanctuary Haunted Attraction

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Acsend into chaos and confusion with each step bringing you closer to insanity! With Hollywood movie style set design and state of the art special effects un-paralleled in the state, You're experience will be like walking through a living, breathing horror movie!

Valentines - The Weekend before Valentines Day (Feb 14th)
Halloween - Last weekend of September through the first weekend of November
Christmas - the two weekends before Christmas

The Sanctuary OKC

12101 N I-35 Service Road

Oklahoma City, OK 73131